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Precious stones known as gems are already of worth when found in the very earth that gave birth to them. However, they only reach their true worth once being treated by the capable hands of the experienced jeweler.


The jeweler is specialized in working with gems, in order to cut and polish them to the brilliant beauty that the general public sees their final works as. The jeweler therefore always has demand for raw gems in order to stay in business and are all too eager to buy them from miners or adventurers who've found them on slain foes. Crafty as they are, jewelers also work with jewelry item like rings and necklaces, which also incorporate gold into their works.

As jewelers generally have the rich and famous as their customers, only big and wealthy cities have one or two of their shops and prices in general are very high.


Age of Armageddon[edit]

Jewelers as a shop only appeared in Britannia in Ultima VII, although those working on gems were heard of before. In that time, the jeweler Sean had his shop moved to Britain in order to be close to his customer base and always was looking for business opportunities.

It was one of the professions that even survived the Great Cataclysm and Cameron was the jeweler of Britain in Ultima IX, not only buying jewelry but also offering polishing services for the special Lighthouse Gems that were intended for the lighthouses of Britannia.

Other Worlds[edit]

While gems could be sold on the Serpent Isle, no jeweler was seen. Pagan in Ultima VIII also featured a jeweler in form of Toran, although he got killed by execution very early, leaving the shop to his widow Rhian.


A jewelry shop
The craftsmen of Britannia are skilled artisans who sell wares made by their own hand. While such items are often of high price, the price reflects compensation due for the time, toil and talent of the craftsman, as seen in the high quality of the item.

Notable Examples[edit]

  • Sean in Ultima VII has his shop in Britain and thinks that his profession elevates him above the common people.
  • Toran used to be the jeweler of Tenebrae in Ultima VIII. After his execution, his widow Rhian took over the job.
  • In Ultima IX, Cameron is the jeweler of Britain and also offers polishing for the Lighthouse Gems.

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