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The Clothiers of Britannia are responsible for creating the clothes that people can buy on the market.


The creation of clothes is a rather lengthy process. The clothier first purchases the cloth from the weaver, who had create it from the wool of sheep, in order to turn it into the final product. The cloth then has to be cut into the right form and then stitched together correctly, before adding things like buttons and decoration. Dying cloth also comes with the trade. Many clothiers have different styles and they are in constant competition with each other. Also, some clothiers have managed to eliminate the weaver in the production chain, being able to do both jobs, thus reducing their costs.

The best clothes in Britannia can be bought in Britain, the city with the highest income per-head and therefore also the best clothiers.


Age of Enlightenment[edit]

Clothiers as an independent shop only appeared from Ultima VI onwards. During that time they worked individually from weavers, as shown by the Avatar's trouble to get a silk bag for a balloon done. Also, working with silk was considered a real art - one that only Marissa in Paws was capable of in order to create the balloon hull for the Avatar.

Age of Armageddon[edit]

By the time of the Age of Armageddon in Ultima VII, the job of the weaver seemed to have died out, as clothiers now did both jobs - creating the cloth and working with it. The relative wealth of Britannia during that time had caused many clothier shops to appear - a stark contrast to the later time of Ultima IX, where all of these shops seemed to have vanished after the ravages of the Great Cataclysm.

Other Worlds[edit]

On the Serpent Isle, pure clothiers seemed to be a rarity and a job mostly done by provisioners by the side. The one notable exception seemed to be Cellia in Monitor, who was a furrier, creating fur clothes. On Pagan in turn, there actually was one real clothier available, run by the widow Rhian.


Nowhere is the interdependence of Britannia's craftspeople more in evidence than in the field of tailoring. Thread must be spun and taken to weavers. Weavers, having made cloth from the thread, deliver it into the hands of clothiers. Clothiers turn bolts of fine fabric into clothes fit for kings. Find your place in this process and you may profit. Seek out the tailors of Paws if you desire a wardrobe of the highest quality.
The marketplace of Britain provides the traveller with an opportunity to purchase clothing, ranging from the latest fashions to the more comfortable and functional.
Taking thread, weaving it into cloth and then sewing it to make apparel is an art unto itself. I have seen styles change during the past few hundred years, but the painstaking effort required to make clothing has always been something for which I have had no time. Therefore, I find the services of the clothier to be quite useful.

Notable Examples[edit]

  • Marissa of Paws in Ultima VI. The only clothier capable of working with silk to make the balloon hull.
  • Gaye in Ultima VII, who is part of a strange love triangle.

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