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An Oracle prepares a reading.

Oracles are soothsayers who dispense wisdom into the turnings of fate -- for a price. They appear in Ultima II and Ultima III.


Although costly, the oracles of both Earth and Sosaria provided invaluable information on the Stranger's journeys. In Ultima II, these prophets (also known as Seers) could be found in Le Jester in the fifteenth century B.C. and on the far flung Computer Camp of Neptune. For oblations of one-hundred gold coins per verse, these augers would dispense parts of a lengthy poetic prophecy - which would intrust the hero as to the necessity of the ring possessed by the old man of New San Antonio.[1]

Later, during the Stranger's quest against Exodus on Sosaria, the prophet Radrion could similarly instruct the hero in the importance of the four Marks and four Cards, and with sufficient tribute would direct the questant to seek out the Lord of Time that they might learn from him how to defeat the hellspawn which plagued the land.[2]


Oracle in Ultima III
In secluded sections of some towns dwell gifted Oracles. With their vision they can provide much understanding of the occurrences in the world around thee. Knowledge is a costly thing, so bring a heavy purse.


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