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Map of New San Antonio

New San Antonio is a city on Earth in the southwestern United States of 1990 A.D. It exists within the alternate time line created by Minax's interventions in Ultima II.


New San Antonio was located in approximately the same geographical position as "Old" San Antonio in the unaltered Earth time line. How it gained the appellation of being "New" is never explained, although given the climate of conflict at the time it is possible that the previous city was destroyed.

The city was home to numerous individuals which proved crucial to the Stranger's quest to slay Minax. The clerk at the "Hotel California" was essential in honing the hero's abilities - a task which he could perform in exchange for sufficient gold.

Sentri, a man who would later figure into several of the Avatar's adventures, could be found in New San Antonio Prison. After breaking into his cell, the Stranger could purchase from him Enilno, the Quicksword - the only weapon which could harm Minax.

A nameless old man, seemingly of little note, sat under a tree near a stream. After listening to the prophecies of the various Oracles[1], it would be revealed that he had a magic ring which would later prove essential to the Stranger's attempts to traverse the force fields surrounding Shadowguard. He would only surrender it, however, once the hero had obtained the blessing of Father Antos who dwelt on the distant Planet X and even then it would take five-hundred pieces of gold to convince him to part with it.

In addition to these notables, the city sported an airport, from which the Stranger could steal a bi-plane, given careful planning and access to skull keys and the brass buttons needed to operate the aircraft. The city also was home to a customs stop and a public swimming pool.

In the Aftermath of 2112 A.D. it was apparent that New San Antonio had been targeted for destruction in the apocalypse of 2111, as the land it once stood on, as well as most of the surrounding southern United States, had been dashed into the sea.


  • Sentri the Swashbuckler: a prisoner who holds the legendary Quicksword
  • The Flopy Fighter: a strange individual who claims to "own one of everything"
  • The Clerk: a hospitality employee with strange powers to engender skill
  • The Old Man: the owner of the force field ring who sits under a tree

Shops and Services[edit]


  • The "Hotel California" is named for the eponymous song by The Eagles, to whom Richard Garriott was listening during the development of Ultima II.[2] The hotel clerk's greeting "Welcome to the Hotel California!" is the beginning of its refrain.[3]
  • Iolo and Gwen (likely a shortened form of Gwenno) can both be found here, appearing to have been walled up within a building.


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