Lighthouse Gems

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The three lighthouse gems
The Lighthouse Gems are gems that are very important for the working of the lighthouses in Ultima IX. They are very huge gems, specifically made for this purpose.


The lighthouse keeper Hans explained to the Avatar, that there were four of them, a diamond, a ruby, an emerald and a sapphire. However, only the diamond had been installed into the intended lighthouse, the one near Britain in which they were talking. He offered a reward, should the Avatar find the other three, get them polished by the jeweler Cameron and install them into the fitting lighthouses.


Name Image Location Installed Exact Coordinates
Emerald Inside a cave on Buccaneer's Den. Into the lighthouse of Moonglow. 79º23"S, 9º35"E.
Ruby Shipwreck west of Trinsic. Into the lighthouse on Buccaneer's Den. 78º7"S, 41º25"W.
Sapphire Inside a crate near Yew. Into the lighthouse of Trinsic. 2º36"N, 9º8"W.


  • Once that was done, Hans gave the Avatar the reward. A disappointing 100 gold coins.