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The weapon shop is the place during the beginning of Sosaria and the earlier days of the Age of Enlightenment where shoppers could buy weaponry of different kinds, from the mundane to the otherworldly. Its counterpart is the armour shop.


One of the first shops
As per today, the more combat-orientated purchaser can simply buy both armour and weaponry at one of the armouries that can be found in the cities or towns of Britannia. However, it has not always been that way.

Pre-History to Akalabeth[edit]

In the far history of Sosaria also known as "Akalabeth", arms dealers did not yet exist, but there were some shops selling a very primitive and small assortment of armoury. For instance, axes, bows and arrows, rapier, Shields, besides food and the mystical Amulet were its primary wares.

Age of Darkness[edit]

It wasn't until the second attack on the Realm by the wizard Mondain with his hordes of evil and foul magic, when things clearly started to change. Instead of one single primitive assortment, a more advanced establishment of different merchandise started to blossom. Now, individuals could actually buy weapons or armour in two separate shops.

Due to Mondain's alliances with starwalking monsters of unparalleled savagery, strange and alien technology were brought into the Realm. One of them, the highly advanced weapons became truly sought-after by the customers in the weapon shop.

With the defeat of the Evil One, nothing of this alien technology remained on Sosaria. However, weapons that are more sophisticated came in its place. This became the norm in the following ages of these dark times.

Minax's Earth[edit]

During the altered time line of Terran history, created by the sorceress Minax, strange devices such as vehicles, highly advanced armour, highly advanced weapons started to appear throughout all four major time zones as trade goods in the towns and cities on this strangely altered world. Most of the same technology as weaponry that were brought by the Mondain's alliances with starwalking monsters existed once more. Only to disappear again, as the Stranger slew the consort and apprentice of the Evil One and therefore history righted itself.

Age of Enlightenment[edit]

After the unification of Britannia and during the Quest of the Avatar, the economy flourished even more. People still could buy their arms at these weapon shops. All these weapon shops became profitable armouries during the reign of the tyrannical Lord Blackthorn.



Sosarian metalsmiths know no peer. From a simple carved mace, reinforced with good iron, to the most exquisite greatswords of tempered steel, the weapons of the Realm are truly works of art. 'Tis rumored that some of the arms one may find in the distant reaches of our land surpass all belief.
Buy and sell superbly handcrafted weapons. Each weapon is guaranteed not to break for 1,000 fights, or thy next of kin gets double thy purchase price back.
Here one may purchase the finest in weaponry that blacksmiths can forge.[...] The weapon shops also offer liberal trade-ins on used equipment, although if thy axe is greatly notched from battle, do not expect much for it.


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