King of the White Dragon

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King of the White Dragon
King of the White Dragon, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Castle of the White Dragon
Ultima I
King of the White Dragon, from Ultima I
Location: Castle of the White Dragon

The King of the White Dragon once was the ruler of half of what now is the Serpent Isle.


The King's daughter Beatrix was Shamino's love, but after he was unable to return due to the world being sundered apart, Beatrix died of a broken heart shortly after Ultima I. Broken by grief over her death, the King went mad, and in the end murdered everyone in his castle. The reputation of his ghost was so horrible, that the Goblins avoided the Castle of the White Dragon at all cost because of fear.

In Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle, when the Avatar tried to enter the castle, the mad ghost appeared, trying to kill the hero. After a hard battle, the King of the White Dragon was finally released from his ages long madness.


Outside the front entryway, I met with a frightening sight. A ghostly shadow of an elderly man approached me. "Why, thou art late!' he said, "Late, late, late! Thou needest hurry if thou art to join the others."

"Join the others?" I asked. "Why yes," he said, "my other guests."
"Who art thou?" I asked him. "I? Why I am the King of the White Dragon Castle. Now follow me."
"Dost thou mean me any harm," I asked."Harm? Harm? Why child, this is my annual banquet! he said. "A time for celebration, for rejoicing in the year's harvest! Come now and join my guests."

On the Twelfth Day before the Solstice Festival: Shamino, traitor, I will destroy thee as thou didst destroy my beloved daughter, Beatrix. Shamino, cursed be thy name, I befriended thee and thou didst betray me. I asked my people to help thee erect thy castle and betrayal is thine only response to them. Traitor!


  • The still-living King can be met in Ultima I, but has no real dialogue beyond the standard quest given by other kings in the game.
  • The states of his madness and the bloody slaughter can be read in books in his castle.