Birthplace of Moriens

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The Birthplace of Moriens
The Birthplace of Moriens is a site housed within Tenebrae's Upper Catacombs, near the entrance to the Shrine of the Ancient Ones. Appearing in Ultima VIII, it is allegedly here that the first necromancer, Moriens, was born.


The Birthplace of Moriens is a sacred location to adherents of Lithos, and it is expected that each newly initiated necromancer will embark upon a pilgrimage to it shortly after completing the first tasks of their apprenticeship. Those who visit it are said to be granted strange and fantastic visions.[1]

After completing their initial duties to the Necromancer, Vividos, the Avatar was instructed to visit Moriens' birthplace.[1] Although they could reach the site, they received no vision there, perhaps owing to the fact that they had joined the necromantic order with ulterior motives.


  • The Birthplace of Moriens is commonly cited as a bug in Ultima VIII, as the original version of the game did not appear to include it. Initially, the site consisted merely of a stone slab with a plaque reading, "Towards fate you go." In patched versions of the game, this was updated to read "Birthplace of Moriens." Furthermore, the original release of Ultima VIII includes dialogue with Vividos indicating the location may have first been intended to reside in the Pit of Death, and appears to have been among the design changes the game endured in order to meet its deadline.


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