Desert of Compassion

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In the Desert of Compassion
In the Britannia of Ultima Online, north of Lock Lake lies the desolate Desert of Compassion, bordering on two sides are high mountains. Mirroring the formation of the Drylands around the Shrine of Sacrifice in the main universe, it surrounds the multiverse's Shrine of Compassion. The shrine itself is surrounded by a little oasis.

One must show real Compassion for his fellow beings when entering this hellish place to reach the shrine, as numerous beasts live there who like the heat and dislike intruders. Included in the list of nasties are Giant Scorpions, Ettins, Harpies and Snakes.


  • Enigma the Sphynx can be found in the southwest of the desert at 58.16°N, 35.47°E. Solving the riddle by bringing him a pitcher of water will solve a part of the elven heritage quest, that allows changing from human to elf.
  • Other than the shrine and Enygma, there is actually little reason to enter this area.

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