Ver Lor Reg

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Ver Lor Reg
In Ultima Online, the city of Ver Lor Reg is the biggest city of Ilshenar, located in the center of the world and only accessable through two hidden passages that lead into the center area of the lands which otherwise is inaccessable.

Ver Lor Reg is a city of the Gargoyles, its name meaning as much as "Home of the True Light". It is the only city in all of Ilshenar that offers all of the services and shops an adventurer needs. It is very well dfended against anyone who wants to try and sack it. It therefore is the safest place on this wild world and the best point to plan further expeditions into the lands of Ilshenar.

The closest moongate (to a passage) is that of Honor.


  • The city only became accessable after the defeat of Exodus by a huge army of players. Before, the central area had been inaccessable.

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