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The Solen Hive is a cave network found in the Britannia of Ultima Online. It sports four different entrances for the four different parts of it at 75'41°N 90'37°E near Minoc moongate (NE), 14'47°N 41'58°E near Sanctuary entrance (NW), 71'10°N 27'54°E near Desert of Compassion (SE) and 102'07°S 35'56°W near Trinsic (SW).

The caves are four independent dungeons interconnected to each other by passageways, with a central cave reachable through them. The caves are inhabited by the name-giving Solen, who are not keen on any visitors, wanting to protect their hive queen at any cost. Beware, as their bodies are filled with acid and they will try to take an intruder with them in death, by exploding into a shower of acid.

However, all the difficulties are worth it, as deep within the caves, great riches are to be found as well.


  • A special level of the hive can only be accessed by "planting" a Green Thorn in a desert area. The special hive level is the source of rare fire red seeds.
  • Inside the caves, three different quests do become available to players.


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