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New Haven
In Ultima Online, the town of New Haven in Britannia lies on the island of the same name, which is located in the midst of the ocean south of the city of Magincia. The island is covered by sparse forests and in the northern part one can find the city of New Haven. The island and city were once known as Haven, but a horrible volcanic erruption destroyed the southern part of the island and the old city. The island is a result of the forces creating this version of Britannia, as it doesn't exist in the main reality.

New Haven is considered to be a safe haven on the Trammel side of Britannia, containing next to no monsters and providing the traveler with all the things needed before entering the world of Britannia itself. Unlike its counterpart Ocllo, New Haven does have a moongate, making it easy to return.

It is reccomended to stay away from the ruins of old Haven, as they are infested with undead.


  • New Haven mainly exists as a starting ground for players, where they are introduced to all the fine parts of the game, before being released into the bigger world.
  • It doesn't exist on the Felucca part of Britannia, where the island of Ocllo does. Unlike New Haven it was never struck by natural disaster and is still in its original configuration.
  • The ruins of old Haven, which look exactly like Ocllo, are found east of the new town.

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