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In Ultima Online, the city of Zento is the capital city of the Tokuno Islands, located on the southern part of the island Makoto-Jima.

Zento is easily the largest settlement of the Tokuno Islands and also the political center of the land, as observed by the presence of imperial minestries, like the one of trade in the Cultural Center. The city is surrounded by three walls -two wooden and one stone one- to hold off outside enemies and monsters, while inside the city, everything an adventurer could want, is found. The city also is surrounded by the most beautiful gardens in the lands. A realtively new addition the the city are the extensive docking facilities to the south.

For fast transportation and access to the other two islands, a moongate is located just north of the city. Following the way further leads to the desert known as "The Waste".


  • The docks only were added with the High Seas expansion (not yet shown on the map).
  • The Rockun Cultural Center is located at 30°8'N 45°29'W.

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