Minotaur City

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Minotaur City Map
In Ultima Online, the dungeon of the Minotaur City is located on southern on the Isle of the Divide in central Malas, being the only sight on the otherwise empty island in the void.

Dungeon is a mit of a misnomer, as it just is the acient city of the Minotaur. These creatures of course are not happy at any intrusion and will send lots of guards to deal with the intruders. That basically is also the only reason to enter it: slaughtering the guards until reaching the end of the road, where the leader waits to finally deal with whoever had made it that far. There is no special reward for it.


  • Being too greedy will have dire consequences, as becoming overloaded with loot cause the character to be stuck inside the dungeon forever!
  • After killing the first group of creatures at the boss battle, the message "Scouts sense enemies, must warn the others" appears. After the next round, "Captains bark orders to Scouts to kill enemies"appears. Then the final warning: "Meraktus has arrived!". Meraktus will be accompanied by a number of Tormented Minotaurs, which are very dangerous.

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