Abandoned Citadel

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In the Abandoned Citadel
In Ultima Online, the Abandoned Citadel is found on an island in northeastern Ilshenar, connected to the Desert Outpost via a bridge. Another bridge connects it to western Ilshenar.

While the citadel had once been the home to a wizard and an important station on a trade route, these days are long past and the citadel now stands abandoned and in a state of disrepair. While the citadel still holds many valuables that can be looted, the reason why this hadn't happened already lies in the great number of undead that now inhabit the building and who react hostile to unwanted visitors in their new home.


  • The Ancient Citadel is among the 19 locations randomly depicted in the Snow Globe Holiday Gift from December 2001 (a contest held in the game world).

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