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In Ultima Online, the small city of Papua is one of only two permanent settlements in the Lost Lands, located on the coast in the northeastern part of the lands.

Of the two settlements in the Lost Lands, Papua is smaller than Delucia and the houses have more of a native look, with most of them being made of rattan, woven walls with thatched roofing. Nonetheless, the small city has everything an adventurer needs and something unique: the only shipwright in all of the Lost Lands. It is the only place with proper docking facilities.

Papua is difficult to reach from land, due to the big swamp to the south.


  • Papua is literally the only place in the Lost Lands, with docking facilities and a harbor.
  • The mage shop holds a secret. Chanting "Recsu" on the teleporter leads to Moonglow magic shop. Chanting "Recdu" on the teleporter in Moonglow leads back to Papua. It is the fastest way to enter the Lost Lands.

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