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In Ultima Online, the town of Nujel'm in Britannia lies on an island west of Verity Isle. Originally being called New Jhelom, the name was soon shortened to the current length. The island itself is devoid of any vegetation, apart from what is found in the cultivated gardens of the town. The island is a result of the forces creating this version of Britannia, as it doesn't exist in the main reality.

The town is made of pure luxury, with marble houses, huge palaces and a large conservatory. However, in contrast to the sprawling, luxurious buildings that comprise the town, towards the northern end of the island is a large collection of grim hovels, ostensibly located just outside the town walls, showing the dark side of the town.

The moongate of the island only allows departure.


  • A life-sized chessboard is found in the town, with players often using it with themselves as the chess pieces for a game.
  • The island also holds the entrance to the dungeon Prism of Light in its northern part. A dungeon that has, fitting to the theme of the island, been turned into a tourist (albeit warrior tourist) attraction, complete with having to pay admission.

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