Ice Dungeon

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Ice Dungeon map
The Ice Dungeon is cold cave system in the north of Britannia of Ultima Online, located at 135º36'N, 47º31'E.

The most part of the dungeon is a cave caved out of hard ice, filled with creatures of the winter that are not keen on having visitors. Only few interesting things are found within it, the most notable being an ancient library that -of course- is guarded by an ice monster.

The actual importance is, that these icy tunnels are also a passage to the Lost Lands, exiting into the frosty plains of western Kos Heb.


  • The Ice Dungeon is an ideal hunting ground if one is properly prepared with warm gear, strong armour and heat-inflicting weapons that make short work of most of the enemies within in.
  • A unique monster found within the dungeon is the White Wyrm.

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