Forgotten Pyramid

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The forgotten Pyramid
In Ultima Online, the Forgotten Pyramid is located on the southern continent of Malas, southeast of the big lake, half-burried in the sand of the surrounding desert.

Once built as the final resting place of the kings of old, the pyramid has long been forgotten and now is haunted by various monsters and spirits. Inside the pyramid, a Sphynx can be found, who tells the adventurers that visit their fortune. Be warned however, that having low karma is bad for the health here, as the creature reacts badly to evildoers, who naturally have low karma.


  • To enter the pyramid climb the dune on the south face, and then up the the east face rubble. At the top is the opening. Inside are three levels. The exit is located on the bottom level on the north wall. Follow the footsteps to the stone, and double click the wall to reveal the secret door. This will lead you back outside and onto the sand.

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