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In Ultima Online, the city of Mistas once was one of the cities of Ilshenar, located in the south.

Once Mistas had been settled by people concerned with balance, as shown by the huge mosaic of balanced scales in the middle of the city. However, these days are long past and its inhabitants had been slaughtered by the dark forces, leaving the empty city to be occupied by their dark creatures, while it is falling into ruins. People only seldomly now dare to enter this place, which once had been one of the big cities of Ilshenar.

The moongate of Honesty is the one closes to the city, being little distance to the east of it.


  • Despite the occasional monster spawn, there is a tavern just outside of Mistas that is used for role-playing on some shards, namely as an active, player-run tavern.
  • The city is, since it is a monster spawn, often used to farm foes for loot and experience.

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