Reg Volom

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In the Ethereal Fortress
In Ultima Online, the island of Reg Volom is found in south-eastern Ilshenar in the middle of the lake of Ilshen.

Due to the lack of ships, the only way to enter the island is by the way of a teleporter found in a spider cave. The island itself holds only one building, the Ethereal Fortress, home of the Ethereals. They are warriors of good and will mercilessly smite any foolish adventurer whose alignment is too far on the evil side. Otherwise, they have nothing against visitors who are there to admire their fortress.

Located beneath the fortress is the Spectre Dungeon. However, this dungeon will disappoint adventurers, as after all, there won't be any monsters or treasure left in a dungeon directly beneath a fortress of warriors of good.

Map of the dungeon

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