Terathan Dungeon

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In Ultima Online, the Terathan Dungeon is found in the central Lost Lands, just west of the Palace of Paroxysmus.

The whole area is a war zone between the spider-like Terathans and the snake-like Ophidians, therefore it is a very dangerous place, especially since the entrance is in the middle of a Terathan fortress. In the dungeon itself, the fighting is even more bloody, but both sides will attack intrders who dare to interrupt their battles. All this fighting of course also has its advantages, as one can empty the pockets of the dead after they'd killed each other.


Map of the Terathan Dungeon
  • The hidden Star Room can be accessed by touching a brazier that is located in the middle of the swamp in the war zone.
  • On the Felucca side, a strong champion spawn is located here.

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