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In Ultima Online, the small city of Delucia is one of only two permanent settlements in the Lost Lands, located on the southwestern part of the lands.

Of the two settlements in the Lost Lands, Delucia is bigger than Papua and also more developed -although that doesn't mean too much in these surroundings. The city is protected from the dangerous wildress by a wall and has shops which sell everything the traveller needs. The mountains surrounding the city are rich in ore and the fields outside of its walls are the grazing grounds of numerous domestic animals like cows and horses.


The city of ruins, as some may call it, lies in the south-west corner of the Lost Lands. It can be reached by foot quite easily by those who are not afraid to fight a few mongbats and giant spiders in the dungeon leading to it. Delucia lies well protected between large mountains and palisade walls. Miners and Smiths will most likely find this a good place to live in. There are a lot of mountains within the range of the guards protection, and the local armorer has a forge to smelt ore in. Around the city there are deer, cows and even horses grazing the grassy lands. Inexperienced warriors have enough to hunt on, and tailors will be pleased with the amount of hides the hunters will bring back to the village. Tailors will also be pleased with the cotton field in Delucia, cotton can be picked and turned into spools of thread or sold directly for gold. Delucia also has stables to leave your pet when you need to travel back to Britannia. The fields in Delucia spawn turnips and lettuce, enough to keep your pets happy. The local bank, mage shop, provisioner and healer can aid all adventurers who decide to make Delucia the start and end point of their adventures.


  • The town square depicts in flagstone a Terathan and an Ophidian engaged in combat, when viewed from above.
  • On the Felucca-side, it is not possible to use travel magic to enter Delucia.

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