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The Fan Dancer Dojo is a dungeon on the Tokuno Islands of Ultima Online, situated in the north of Isamu-Jima, just south of the Winter Spur.

The name-giving fan dancers are woman who have perfected the art of fighting with battle fans and who have something against uninvited visitors -with good reason, since they are also practising forbidden dark rituals to summon demonic forces. Battling the way through them and their demonic hordes into the basment reveales the riches these ladies have amassed over time and which are a good compensation for all the trouble.

However, there is a secret in the basement as well.


  • The third level has a secret passage leading to an especially difficult area, which however also gives the biggest rewards in return.
  • It is one of the few places that has to complete list of lootables of the world.


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