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The Holy City
In Ultima Online, the Holy City is the center of spiritual life in Ter Mur, as the Royal City is the center of power. It is located in the far southeast of the lands, seperated from the rest of the world by rivers and mountains.

Being the center of spiritual life for the Gargoyles of Ter Mur, the Holy City holds, besides several shops, some interesting sights. These include the Hall of Knowledge, the Shrine of Singularity (which can only be visited by flying or teleporting) and the Tomb of Kings, the burial site of gargoyle kings, which also allows access to the Abyss. The last also means that visitors from the britannian side will first arrive in the Holy City, something which the inhabitants have gotten used to.


  • The Holy City is almost an exact replica of the last remaining gargoyle city in Ultima VI, found in the Realm of the Gargoyles. Since in Ultima Online Ter Mur had never been destroyed, the city sits in an intact world.
  • A bridge is the only direct acces to the main land, otherwise only teleportation can help.
  • During the night, there is an undead problem, which can be exploited for experience.

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