Shrine of Singularity (UO)

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The Shrine of Singularity
In the Ter Mur of Ultima Online, the Shrine of Singularity is located at 168°29'N 23°3'W just north of the Holy City.

This shrine is the most holy place of the gargoyles. This shrine is the centerpoint of their entire culture, and therefore hard to reach. While gargoyles can just fly over the mountains to reach the shrine, other races first have to climb the mountains and then find a point where they can teleport down into the valley of the shrine. One there, chanting the mantra "UnOrUs" opens up a sacred quest which grants access to the Abyss.

Located in the shrine are also the three holy books of the gargoyles. The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, the Book of Prophecies and the Book of Circles.


  • The point where non-gargoyle players can teleport into the valley of the shrine lies in the south-east.

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