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Doom Map
In Ultima Online, the dungeon of Doom is located on southern Malas near the Coliseum.

Doom is without doubt the most dangerous place in all of Malas, as it is filled with the worst creatures this world can offer and generously outfitted with deadly traps. However, reward is also great in this place, as it offers the biggest rewards to adventurers who brave the challenges and survive. However, this all is only the prelude to the true test, when entering the Gauntlet.

The Doom Gauntlet is the ultimate test, where adventurers have to fight without interruption against the darkest creatures, but also gain huge reward if they prevail against them.


  • Once having entered, the only way to exit is to reach the moongate in the northwest. Thus players have to really be sure they are well equipped, before entering the depths of Doom.
  • Both levels of Doom also spawn certain artifacts that are obtainable using the stealing skill. These range in value from approximately 5,000 gold pieces to several million.

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