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In Ultima Online, the city of Montor once was one of the cities of Ilshenar, located in the far northeast of the land.

Montor once had been one of the most beautiful cities of Ilshenar, but then a volcanic erruption 20 years ago ended the city's good times. The inhabitants had evacuated in time, but the city was left to fall into ruins and dark creatures have taken hold in it and now claim the ruins as their own. The lava rivers surrounding the ruins are another lethal hazard. It therefore is recommended to avoid Montor.


The people gathered in the northeast area of the world (Ilshenar) and established a city on a mountainside calling it Montor. Long ago in Sosaria another town of the same name had existed in, ironically, the lands ruled by Lord British himself. At first I thought the name was just a reuse of a familiar town but you can translate the name to mean “Mountain Passion”. The later seems to ring true. In other texts it is listed as Mont-Or. The later name would befit a new city with people who survived such a catastrophe. This new city took about 40 years to complete. It was, by all accounts, a paradise of city and mountain with waterfalls that cut between buildings and the mountainside. In the years that followed Ilshen and a council of scholars set up laws and government and peace reigned.

Then twenty years after its completion Montor was destroyed. We still are missing pieces of all that transpired but it seems the mountain Montor was built on had a volcanic eruption. The city’s present state would back that up fully. It would also appear that the people knew it was going to happen and evacuated.


  • The city is, since it is a monster spawn for dangerous critters, often used to farm foes for loot and experience.

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