Yomotsu Mines

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The Yomotsu Mines
The Yomotsu Mines are a dungeon on the Tokuno Islands of Ultima Online, situated in central Homare-Jima, just south of the Field of Echoes.

The name-giving Yomotsu created these mines as their dwelling and they hate anyone daring to enter their home. They are strong enemies and one might wonder why not to avoid the place altogether. The one reason to enter it is, that it is the only place know where the rare fire beetle lives. Once such a beast is defeated in combat, it can be tamed with Animal Taming and will be completely loyal to the adventurer, acting as a mobile forge and thus making the smelting of metals much easier.


  • Only one fire beetle is present at a time, meaning that if another adventerer wants one as well, the previous beetle has to leave the dungeon.
  • A fire beetle as also ridable.

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