Animal Taming

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Animal Taming is one of the many skills in Ultima Online. It allows the player to try and make an animal to accept you as its master and become a faithful companion. Besides that effect, it also determines the stable slot limit.

Taming normal animals is not too difficult, but to actually tame a dangerous creature in order to have a truely dangerous living weapon takes high skill levels. The skill Animal Lore is absolutely needed in order to make this skill work, and Veterinary is another must for a serious tamer. Also, Animal Taming makes the skill Herding much more useful and effective.


Training of course involves usage of the skill. After first training up to 30 skill points, practical use is needed. Here is a list of what animals should be tamed for maximal training effect.

Skill Level What to tame for training
0 - 30 Train at NPC Rancher, Ranger Guildmaster, or Shepherd.
30 - 45 Cows and Sheep
45 - 60 Hinds and Timber Wolves
60 - 75 Walrus and Polar Bears
75 - 85 Snow Leopards and Panthers
85 - 100 Great Harts and White Wolves
100 - 125 Ridgebacks and Bulls