Royal City

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The Royal City
In Ultima Online, the Royal City is the capital city of gargoyle culture, located in central Ter Mur.

The Royal City is the largest settlement of gargoyles in Ter Mur. It also is the center of political and economical activity in it. Practically every store is found in this city in the midst of its large population. Throning over the city is the huge palace, symbol of the political power. Huge walls surround the city, restricting entrance, although by now suburbs have grown outside of the walls.

For fast transportation, a teleportation gate is located inside the city in the western district. Also, a moongate is found a little to the southeast of the city.


  • The palace is also called "Soulforge" and a gargoyle queen resides inside it.
  • Another sight is the "Museum of Wonders", holding a mix of interesting and mundane objects and displays.

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