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Fire Island
In the Britannia of Ultima Online, the Isle of Fire, or more commonly Fire Island, lies in the southeastern sea. Known in the main universe as the Isle of the Avatar, the only mythologial significance of the Avatar in the multiverse prevented the island from being renamed to this.

Fire Island is mostly covered with jungle, housing the Shrine of Humility and the dungeon Hythloth. Apart from that and some volcanoes, it is an empty place. This changed significantly in later years. The Abyss, a dungeon that had been unknown in the multiverse up to then, ripped open the very earth itself and a huge erruption created a massive valcano, freeing the way to the world of the Gargoyles, Ter Mur.

Since then, Fire Island became visited frequently.


  • The changes to Fire Island came with the Stygian Abyss expansion.
  • The center of the isle lies at 170°35' S, 130°5' W.

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