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Shrine - Britannia: 177°49'N, 152°31'W
Shrine - Ilshenar: 53°27'N, 73°15'W
Effects: -
Humility shrine.jpg

Humility is independent from the principles of Truth, Love and Courage. It is about perceiving one's place in the world, not according to one's own accomplishments, but according to the intrinsic value of all individuals.

However, in Ultima Online, the virtue had never been programmed, and while the shine does exist at the coordinates on the Isle of Fire (not that one), the virtue as of yet "is not defined" and therefore has no game mechanics at all. The only effect comes from praying at the shrine, which when wearing the Ankh Pendant will grant the wearer an increase of +3 to either Mana, Hit Point, or Stamina regeneration for one hour.


  • Accoding to the original plans, Humility was intended to encourage relationships between veteran players and new, or young, players through a Squire System.

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