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Shrine - Britannia: 157°36'N, 82°7'E
Shrine - Ilshenar: 123°45'N, 55°53'W
Effects: Activate Champion Spawn
Valor shrine.jpg

Valor is coming from the principle of Courage, and is the courage to take actions in support of one's convictions, to uphold virtue, even in the face of a physical or psychological threat.

In Ultima Online, Valor is gained by killing creatures in a Champion Spawn (certain areas spawn these monsters) in Felucca or Ilshenar. Once enough Valor is gained, a currently inactive spawn altar can be activated or, if already active, can give more red candles. Activating it gives good chance to eventually slay a champion.

The other effect comes from praying at the shrine, which is located on an island in the southern sea, which when wearing the Ankh Pendant will grant the wearer +2 Stamina Regeneration for one hour.

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