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Shrine - Britannia: 166°38'S, 28°20'E
Shrine - Ilshenar: 79 6'N, 40°42'W
Effects: Monsters become non-hostile
Honor shrine.jpg

Honor is coming from the principles of Truth and Courage, is the courage to uphold truth against all odds, regardless of the circumstances.

In Ultima Online, Honor is gained by first activating it in the menu and then using it to engage into battle with a targeted hostile creature (players were once possible, but not anymore). This creature must be at maximum HP, stamina and mana levels, meaning uninjured. Killing the foe in this battle will gain Honor. More Honor is gained by the creature having more fame, allowing the foe to hit first and using melee weapons.

When the gained Honor is used on oneself, it will allow the adventurer to walk along the monsters without being bothered, as long as he or she stays peaceful, and will wear off after some time. The higher the rank the longer it lasts. After usage, one has to wait 5 minutes, before using it again.

The other effect comes from praying at the shrine, which is located south of Trinsic, which when wearing the Ankh Pendant will grant the wearer +1 Mana Regeneration and +1 Stamina Regeneration for an hour, with a 50% chance of the bonus becoming +2.

Note that Honor works closely together with the skill Bushido.

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