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Bushido is the trademark skill of the Samurai of the Tokuno Islands in Ultima Online, although everyone can learn it. A Book of Bushido is needed to do the special moves, as well as having a certain amount of Bushido (battle honor), it therefore directly ties in with the virtue of Honor. Having the Parrying skill allows the warrior to block with the sword itself.

A Samurai with 50 Bushido or above may activate the Perfection system by honoring a target creature. This grants a damage bonus dependant on consecutive hits. At 90 skill, it becomes possible to use Bushido in place of Animal Taming for the purpose of controlling and riding Lesser Hiryus.


After buying points from NPC Samurai in Zento until reaching 30, use the following moves at the following skill levels for maxium effeciency training:

  • 30 - 60: Cast Confidence.
  • 60 - 75: Cast Counter Attack.
  • 75 - 105: Cast Evasion.
  • 105 - 120: Cast Momentum Strike.


Icon Name Skill (minimum) Mana Duration (seconds) Description
B1.gif Honorable Execution 25 0 6-10 Killing move. If hit, then 10 seconds swing speed increase and 10 HP restored. If missed, penalty of 6 seconds loss of magical defense and all other resistances lowered by 40.
B2.gif Counter Attack 40 5 Next parry Places you in a defensive stance that allows you to automatically counter attack the next time you successfully parry, without interrupting your normal swing timer.
B3.gif Lightning Strike 50 5 Instant Single attack with a 50% Hit Chance Increase. (Bonus always applies)
B4.jpg Confidence 25 10 4 A defensive stance that allows Stamina and Hit Points gain with each successful parry. Each such parry will heal 1 to (Bushido / 12) hit points, and refresh stamina for 1 to (Bushido / 5). Also increases stamina and Hit Point Regeneration rate for 4 seconds upon activation.
B5.gif Evasion 60 10 3-6(+2) A vastly increased parry, that can only be used every 20 seconds. Anatomy and Tactics strengthen the skill.
B6.gif Momentum Strike 70 10 Instant Works only on multiple targets. A successful hit on an opponent results in another hit attempt on a different, adjacent opponent. A damage bonus of 100% is applied to the second target, if the first target is killed.


  • Despite it sounding logical, this skill is not taught in the Bushido Dojo.