Sacrifice (UO)

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Shrine - Britannia: 117°15'N, 142°44'E
Shrine - Ilshenar: 29°42'N, 10°28'W
Effects: Self-Resurrection
Sacrifice shrine.jpg

Sacrifice is coming from the principles of Love and Courage, and is the courage to give of oneself in the name of love. It is the placing of the interests of others and the ends of virtue over one's own well-being.

In Ultima Online, Sacrifice is gained by sacrificing all your fame to an uninjured evil creature (like Daemons) this can be only done once in 24 hours and your fame is all gone. The higher your fame and the more powerful the monster, the bigger the gain. Your fame has to be at least at the "Great"-level. The reward is the option of self-resurrection after dying with no loss of items. The higher the Sacrifice-level, the more self-resurrections are possible per week, maximum three.

The other effect comes from praying at the shrine, which is located east of Minoc, which when wearing the Ankh Pendant will grant the wearer +1 Hit Point Regeneration and +1 Stamina Regeneration for one hour, with a 50% chance for a +2 bonus.

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