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Shrine - Britannia: 87°17'N, 1°45'W
Shrine - Ilshenar: 53°50'N, 23°40'W
Effects: Extra Power Scrolls
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Justice is coming from the principles of Truth and Love, and is the devotion to truth, tempered by love. It is the wisdom that perceives what is right and what is wrong in human action.

In Ultima Online, Justice is gained by killing murderers (red-flagged) in Felucca. You can only get points for killing the same murderer again after waiting 8 minutes. Justice gain is measured by the skill of the murderer and your own Justice level. Justice can be used on another player in Felucca at Champion Spawns to "protect" this person, giving the chance to also get a Scroll of Power, when the person gets one. The higher the Justice level, the bigger the chance (at maximum, you always get one).

The other effect comes from praying at the shrine, which is located north of Yew, which when wearing the Ankh Pendant will grant the wearer +1 Mana Regeneration and +1 Hit Point Regeneration for one hour, with a 50% chance for a +2 bonus.

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