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The Yomotsu Mines
The Citadel is a secret fortress on the Tokuno Islands of Ultima Online, situated in easternl Isamu-Jima, just east of Mt. Sho at 75°40'N 1°53'E.

The fortress is underground and can only be entered through a secret teleporter disguised as a cratein a abandoned fishing village. Countless dark assassins and other lawless scum call this place their home and they won't hesitate to attack intruders. However, to escape this confusing labyrinth of rooms, one has to defeat their three leaders in order to to get three keys that allow access to THEIR leader, a horrible shapechanger named Travesty.


  • The spawing rate in the citadel is almost insane. It is not uncommon that an entire room is filled with enemies.
  • In order to use the teleporter you first have to accept the Evidence quest from Sarakki in Britain, who can be found next to the entrance of Lord British's Castle.

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