Gwenno Memorial

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The Gwenno Memorial
In Ultima Online, south of river Pormir Harm and near the Honor moongate, the Gwenno Memorial is found in Ilshenar.

A big tombstone, surrounded by beautiful flowers and hedges, was erected by someone in honor of Gwenno, the late wife of Iolo. It is a testament to how beloved she had been, even to the inhabitants of the dark world of Ilshenar. Sadly, it is difficult to visit the memorial, as undead prey upon people at the roads that lead to it.


  • The memorial has a real background. It was already there when Ilshenar was made available to players in 2002, as Kathleen Jones, the woman on whom Gwenno is based, had passed away several years prior.
  • It is not uncommon in Ultima to have memorials in form of tombstones. Ultima IX has them as well.

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