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In Ultima Online, the city of Luna is one of the two cities of Malas, located on the northern continent.

Like all of Malas, its two cities are opposite extremes. Luna is a city of light and good, a bastion of the paladins of Malas. The city consists of two parts. The inner ring, which contains the various shops, and the outer ring, which contains most of the housing. The rings are seperated by a sandstone wall and another wall acts as the outer perimeter. This was done so that the city could still grow.

Fast transportation is possible thanks to a moongate in the inner ring. A little to the south lies the Grand Arena.


Known as the "City of Paladins," Luna is located in the northwest corner of the landmass and consists of a central hub that is surrounded by paths and walls made of sandstone, like those found in the great Britannian city of Trinsic. Various merchants sell their wares from within the safety of the building that lies at the heart of the city, and Keepers of Chivalry patrol just outside, keeping the residents safe from shady characters and those who would disrupt their virtuous way of life. An open, grassy area that is not protected by the guards separates the center building from the outer wall, leaving plenty of room for the city to grow.


  • Although there are lots of paladins in Luna, it doesn't even come close to Trinsic in terms of absolute and relative numbers.

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