Origin's Official Guide to Ultima Online

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Origin's Official Guide to Ultima Online
Origin's Official Guide to Ultima Online is 304 pages long and contains a world map with all locations marked, information on basic game play, skill advancement, weapons and armor, a detailed explanation of the magic system, animals and monsters, character creation and maps of the towns and dungeons. It is really good for playing Ultima Online. It originally retailed for USD$19.99 and was published in 1997.

The original publications of the guide came with a copy of the Hildebrandt Ultima Online Poster.


  • Authors: Tuesday Frase and Melissa Tyler
  • Additional Writing: Marko Agterberg (Player Guilds), David Biggs (Relvinian news), Andrew P. Morris (Pentameron), Ken Scott (Developing Your Character), David Ladyman, Chris McCubbin and Jennifer Spohrer
  • Editor: David Ladyman (a.k.a. Stat-Monkey)
  • Additional Editing: Chris McCubbin and Ken Scott
  • Interior Design: Wendi Dunn
  • Cover Design, Interior Layout: Jennifer Spohrer


Because this was originally released prior to any expansions, the information in this book is out of date. Originally there was an errata page for changes to this book, but this soon became unwieldy and was discontinued. The basics of how to play and many of the explanations are still valid, however there have been many changes made to skills, weapons and armor that invalidate some of the contents.

Three more cluebooks were published with expansions to update the information:

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