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Ultima Collection Guide
The front of the fold-out map

Ultima Collection: Prima's Official Guide to Ultima Collection (ISBN 0-761514-85-6) is a strategy guide published by Prima Publishing together wih Origin in 1998 for the games in the Ultima Collection, with writing credited to Chris McCubbin and David Ladyman. It is 320 pages long and originally retailed for USD$19.99.

The book was created to hit the stores together with the Ultima Collection, to help with all the games in the collection. For each game there is a walkthrough with color maps of the worlds, towns and dungeons, shop lists, and lists for weapons and armour.

Hints, exploits and monster stats are also provided. Also included is a 20" x 17" fold-out poster of all the world maps of the games (the Runic was translated), which unlike the map reproductions included with the Collection is provided in full color.

Much of the text in this book was previously published in other sources. Only the chapters on Akalabeth, Ultima I and Ultima II were entirely new for this volume; the other sections reprint, in whole or in part, the official Origin hint books for their respective games or expansion packs, with some new material. Additionally, a portion of the walkthrough for Ultima VI is directly excerpted from Prima's earlier work Ultima: The Avatar Adventures.

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