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Malas is a world added to Ultima Online in the fifth expansion pack Ultima Online: Age of Shadows, representing another facet of the splintered Sosaria. Malas was introduced on February 28, 2003.

Malas is unlike other worlds in that it actually floats in the Ethereal Void. The landmass is split into three distinct parts. The northern mass, with the city of Luna, is controlled by the Paladins, the southern mass, with the city of Umbra, is controlled by the Necromancers, and the crumbling continent lies between them. Both cities are connected by bridges.

Malas also offers a new dungeon and land for player housing.


Malas, in-game





Floating within a dark sea of stars, Malas is a broken land, wracked by great tremors that constantly threaten the stability of its continents. Its origin is a mystery, and its future inscrutable, but what is known is that this facet is unlike any other. Three great sections of land — one of which is already in the process of crumbling into smaller islands — are connected by bridges, and in between them lays a vast abyss of nothingness. And yet, despite this unstable environment, life has flourished in the Dark Facet; creatures of all types call Malas home, and even humans have forged lives there.

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