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In Ultima Online, the city of Umbra is one of the two cities of Malas, located on the southern continent.

Like all of Malas, its two cities are opposite extremes. Umbra is a city of darkness and evil, a bastion of the necromancers of Malas. The structure of the city is chaotic and it always looks to be in a state of decay, although the necromancers prefer it this way and it doesn't hinder shops from operating. Interestingly, they have managed to create a moat that has broken through to the very base of the continent, thus being filled with the void.

Fast transportation is possible thanks to a moongate in the city. A little to the northeast lies the Coliseum.


Known as the "City of Necromancers," Umbra is of a darker and less orderly construction than its sister-city Luna and is located on the opposite corner of the map. Dark grey stone walls make up the majority of the buildings, though the occasional accent of blood-red adds a sinister touch to the already foreboding atmosphere of the city - a perfect backdrop for the experienced, or even the aspiring, practitioner of the dark arts. Merchant shops are scattered randomly within the city and are connected by a series of cobblestone paths. A star-filled void forms a moat around the city, and in many places the embankment has been piled high with skulls - perhaps they are the remains of unlucky adventurers or would-be necromancers who failed in their attempt to harness the power of death magic.


  • The entrance the the Bedlam dungeon is found in the healer shop of the city.

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