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In Ultima Online, the Hedge Maze is one of the more stranger aspects of the game. Hidden east of Skara Brae in Britannia, it is rumored to have been built by the mage Relvinian, who used daemons for menial tasks. Relvinian is now gone and the daemons still haunt the maze.

Getting to the center of the maze enables the adventurer to enter the house of the late mage. To make the task easier, the map on the right shows the way from the two entrances towards the house that are the fastest.

In Ultima IX, Lord British had a hedge maze to the west of his castle. Within this maze are several treasures, including the flaming sword, guarded by giant rats.


Lord British's hedge maze in Ultima IX
Maze Solution
  • In Ultima Online, the maze has little treasure, only trouble.
  • In Ultima IX, it is possible to cheat by climbing to the top of the maze and simply jumping between walls of the maze.

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