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On the Sea Market
In the Britannia of Ultima Online, a strange construction is found at the coordinates 62°24`S 132° 54`W in the middle of the ocean: the Sea Market, also known as the Floating Emporium or Docktown. Introduced in the High Seas expansion, this floating wharf and fishermen village acts as a market place.

Many sea-related items and quests are found on the sea market, although it is only possible to reach it by ship and not by teleportation. Big ships can be obtained at this trading point, custom paintjob are done and bounty quests gathered. Note however, that the docking masters of the Sea Market have little patience, and will remove ships that threaten to clog up the docking sections for too long.


  • Despite being in the middle of the ocean, the player strangely enough can't do any deep water fishing from the edge of the platform.
  • There is a 10 minute time for Boats to stay at the Sea Market dock. After five minutes, if the ship is unattended, the owner will receive a message the ship will be moved from the area every minute. The boat will not be teleported if a player is aboard. Standing on the boat for one minute will refresh the timer. If the unattended timer expires, the boat will be teleported to a short distance from the market and the owner will receive the message "A strong tide comes and carries your boat to deeper water."

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