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Ettin, from Ultima I manual
First appearance: Ultima I
Last appearance: Ultima V

Ettins are a breed of two-headed gigantic humanoids who appeared in the first days of Sosaria as well as throughout the early Britannian Age of Enlightenment. While they are capable of some manner of speech and use crude weapons and clothing, little evidence has been brought to light of these creatures as having any culture aside from violent brutality.


Ettins were first encountered in ancient Sosaria as a subterranean race, existing exclusively in the dungeons of the realm. Whether such beasts originated there or, like the cyclopes, were forced there by mankind is not known.

In later eras ettins expanded into the over lands and underworlds alike, attacking travelers in packs - and at times accompanied by gazers, daemons, balrons, or zorn. It is uncertain what sparked such motley alliances of creatures, although as the landscape of Britannia grew less dangerous with the passage of time, several of these races, including the ettins, vanished from sight.


Travelers in the forests of our land have oft been fooled into thinking they have drawn near a group of fellow explorers when they encounter an Ettin, for these two-headed monstrosities have been known to carry on heated discussions with themselves. An Ettin invariably abandons its dialogue when it hath the chance to attach an adventurer.
These evil two-headed aberrations of nature can cast huge boulders down upon thy party, causing immense damage. It is best to try to kill them with long-range weapons and spells. A large clan of Ettins is said to live along the Serpent's Spine.
Strange two-headed creatures, ettins hurl large boulders with enough strength to do considerable damage. Though not magical, they are quite hardy and often carry a good many interesting belongings.


An ettin from the FM-Towns port of Ultima I.

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