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Cyclops, from Ultima VII manual
First appearance: Ultima I
Last appearance: Serpent Isle

Cyclopes are a race of fierce, gigantic humanoids, well known for the single eye they each bear on their foreheads. While generally hostile to mankind and often discounted as mere monsters, the Cyclopean race is a sapient species, although little of their culture and history is known.



Cyclopes were native to the early lands of Sosaria existing there long before the coming of men to the realm. At some point, however, the race was driven from their home lands, presumably by mankind or the other intelligent races which came to inhabit the Sosarian overworld, and forcibly relocated into the caverns and dungeons of the world.

A cyclops from the FM-Towns port of Ultima I.

Given this initial relationship with humanity, it is unsurprising that in later ages the cyclopes reacted to men with marked hostility. Throughout most of their appearances in Sosaria and in later Britannia, these one-eyed giants have assaulted human travelers with relentless brutality, preferring to crush their victims with large stones or bludgeoning them with clubs. In the early days of the Age of Enlightenment, they were frequently seen in the company of gazers and zorn, although their exact relations to these two species are not well known.

In later years, during the events of Ultima VI, the Avatar seemingly became one of the first humans to uncover the cyclopes capacity for intelligence and empathy, after encountering two of the giants in the ruins of Stonegate who had adopted an abandoned Britannian child after the death of their own offspring. The hero later had a opportunity to meet with Iskander Ironheart, a peaceable, albeit pragmatic hero of the species who was renowned for having slain seven gazer princes. Iskander's conversations with the champion of virtue provided some of the only hints as to the internal workings of the Cyclopean culture, implying that the cyclopes followed a system of tribal lineage and that at least some segment of it wished primarily to live peaceably and unperturbed, farming the rocky soil of the mountains.[1]

The cyclopes eventually seemed to fade from the lands of Britannia in the decades following the Imbalance, and were not to be seen during the events of Ultima IX. Whether they were driven by humanity or the by cataclysm of nature into extinction or whether they finally resettled in lands not discovered by men remains unknown.


A race of belligerent, one-eyed giants, the Cyclops dwelt in Sosaria long before humans ever landed on these shores. Driven underground many years ago, the Cyclops long to return to the surface and drive humans into the sea. Beware, for they will attack any adventurers on sight.
These evil giants can hurl half-ton boulders down from the heights. Even a grazing hit will do considerable damage to a member of thy party. The Serpent's Spine is said to be the best hunting for them.
This hulking, one-eyed titan fears no one. Possessed of remarkable strength, it wields a mighty oaken club when it isn't hurling large boulders at its foes. The earth trembles as this giant lumbers about its domain, or so say those who claim to have survived an encounter with a Cyclops.
One of a race of incredibly strong one-eyed giants, when it is not hurling large boulders at its enemies, its favorite weapon is a large wooden club.
Cyclops are giant, man-like creatures recognized by their lone eye centered in the forehead. Fond of large bludgeoning weapons, such as clubs and boulders, cyclops make deadly combatants.

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  • Cyclopes have their roots in archaic Greek mythology, in which they are frequently portrayed as violent and emotional creatures, often associated with the pre-Olympian Titans and sometimes attributed with the crafting of devices such as Zeus' thunderbolt or Artemis' bow. The most famous of the mythological cyclopes is Polyphemous, the shepherd and son of Poseidon whom Odysseus encounters, deceives and blinds in the Homeric epic the Odyssey.[2]
  • Cyclopes have a considerably longer lifespan than humans, with a cyclops as old as two-centuries still considered to be in their youth.[1]
  • The eye of a cyclops is said by Iskander to be a delicacy among some of the bestial races of Britannia, and it is revealed that the heroic giant slew the seven gazers as they had stolen the eye of an important cyclopean chief, presumably to sup upon.[1]
  • In the SNES Port of Ultima VII, Cyclopes hurl gigantic stones at their enemies, which do considerable damage even to a well equipped and high level Avatar.
  • Cyclopes were to be included in the canceled Ultima X. See Planned Monsters for Ultima X: Cyclops for further details.

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