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Also known as: Titans, Golems
Only appearance: Ultima III

This article is about a type of monster (sometimes known as Golems or Titans) which appeared in Ultima III. For the magical constructs made of natural elements, see Golems. For the elemental demigods from Ultima VIII, see Elemental Titans.

Giants were a form of monstrous humanoid which appeared in Sosaria during Ultima III.


Like many other creatures, such as rats, bats or spiders, humankind at one point branched into a gargantuan sub-species, known as giants, golems or titans. These large beings shared the proportions and visage of mankind, but proved violent when encountering their diminutive kin, attacking wandering human travelers wherever they encountered them. Gangs of these brutes could be found wandering the countryside and dungeons of the realm during the time of Exodus incursions into the realm, although they appeared to have vanished from the wilderness by the time of the Stranger's quest toward Avatarhood.[1]


These creatures have no special attributes, but their huge size makes them very formidable opponents. Watch out for the force of their War Hammers.


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